Beyond The Bell - (A Teen REACH After-School Program)

(618) 662-8322

Beyond the Bell is staffed with professionals and volunteers to run a variety of outdoor activities, sports, crafts and art projects, community service projects, homework help, STEM activities, and more! In addition to routine activities, the following specialty clubs will be offered: Bucket Drumming, Cheer/Dance Club, Youth Community Band, Bike Club, and Cooking Class. The program is offered through a grant provided by the IL Department of Human Services.

For students’ safety, a completed enrollment form is required for attendance. Enrollment does not mean that the student must come every day or even the entire day. Once an enrollment form is on file, the student is encouraged to attend as many days as they can to gain the most benefit. Three days per week for at least three hours per day is most effective in keeping students engaged and making positive choices.

Enrollment forms, policies and the Beyond the Bell Parent Handbook can be found on the tabs listed below. Pictures of activities and other exciting news can be seen on the Beyond the Bell Facebook page. Parents and youth are invited to drop in to learn more about our activities or contact Beyond the Bell by phone at 618-662-8322.

Please review our policies and parent handbook. Link to the enrollment form (click here).

Tamara Byers – Teen REACH Program Director

Kat Holtslaw – BTB Coordinator

Dawson Harris, Emma Wiley, Dericka Winters, Brittany Durre, Hailey Heiden, Rebecca Dalton, and Reaghan Hale – Youth Development Specialists

Rhonda Cox – BTB Cook


Beyond the Bell utilizes the Remind messaging service to communicate with parents about events happening at program.  If you would like to join the list to receive text messages, follow the instructions @  If you have a smartphone, get push notifications. On your I-phone or Android phone, open your web browser and go to the following link:  Follow the instructions to sign up for Remind.  You’ll be prompted to download the mobile app.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll?

Either fill out an online enrollment form here: Enrollment Form

Or, a paper copy can be picked up at the Clay County Health Department, 601 E. 12th Street, Flora.

Is transportation provided?

Transportation is provided after school to the program site from the following locations in Clay County based on the number of youth enrolled from those sites.

*Clay City Schools (meet at Elementary entrance)

*Flora Elementary School (must call Bus Barn at 662-4272)

*Flora Junior High (must call Bus Barn at 662-4272)

*Full Armor Christian Academy

*North Clay Elementary School (meet in the Elementary circle drive)

Youth are expected to be on their best behavior while riding the busses or the van. Poor behavior may result in suspension from transportation services.

Beyond the Bell has a summer program and will post when the opening day will be.  Summer programming hours will be 8-4:30. Guidelines will be in place for youth and staff safety.

Youth will be placed into groups of ten or less students with a staff member. Youth will not be allowed to switch groups for any reason. Youth will be required to remain with their group the entire time they are at programming and in their designated areas. Upon arrival at programming, youth will be required to take their temperature and document it on the sign in sheet, temperatures will be taken again after lunch. A youth showing any signs of illness will be sent home immediately. Youth will also be required to use face mask if riding in a vehicle during program hours. We ask that during this time youth limit items brought in from home and practice social distancing while at the program. Breakfast, lunch, and snack will be provided daily through the Summer Food Program at no charge.

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